January Message


In this month of January 2018, I want to reiterate our priorities at Bible Faith Family of Churches. It basically consists of reaching individuals who are truly searching for God and teaching those precious people who truly want to be taught God’s Word.

Our 2018 theme... “entering into Faith’s Rest.”  - Hebrews 4:10. To abide in a state of perpetual peace as promised by the scriptures we need to have a firm foundation and our shared ambition must be clear.

Below is a point form outline of our common goals for Bible Faith Family of Churches:


Full Service Church in Toronto and Durham

  • Services designed to honour God and minister to all who attend.
  • Support groups that minister the Word of God and genuinely help people mature in God’s plan for their lives.
  • Mentoring programs for all ages.

Using Technology Vehicles

  • Website/Emails/Podcasts/TV/Radio/Satellite/CD/DVD/other media transmissions to spread the Word of God.
  • Truth is proclaimed without compromise.

Full Training Centre

  • Classes/Programs to teach the Word of God using systematic methodology.
  • Equip all believers with the correct biblical tools.
  • Minister and reach out through local missions.

Fellowship with all

  • Events/Plays/Presentations/Games/Coffee Shop and other gathering for the purpose of connecting for the gospel.

Fellowship among believers

  • An environment where hurting people who want help can attend and find help.

Worship of God

  • A place where the people who desire to worship in the Spirit with Holy Spirit gifts in operation can attend freely.
  • Service Worship/Special Times of Worship/Training & Teaching on Worship.


  • Services/Prayer Teams/Special Times of Prayer/Other Prayer Endeavours to be commonplace.
  • A Church where sacrificial giving of time/effort/money is the norm.



  • Each participant is to recognize that they are an Ambassador for Christ.
  • Effecting the community by Outreaches/Visits/Ads/Invitations to know God and grow in the knowledge by attending BFC.
  • Other innovative and God honouring approaches to proclaiming the Word of God.
  • Supporting other agencies/ministries in accomplishing the spreading of the Gospel.
  • Offering training to participants/others to infuse the Great Commission.


  • Support ministries/agencies that spread the gospel across the nation.
  • Visiting Short/Long Term Care facilities and send
    participants to other sites to teach and preach the Word throughout Canada.
  • Help establish other works for God in Canada.


  • Support ministries/agencies that spread the gospel throughout the world.
  • Send trained participants to other sites to teach/preach the Word throughout the world such as but not limited to China, Egypt, Italy, Serbia, Philippines, India etc.
  • Help promote the international outreaches.

As we start the New Year let us work together to accomplish all that God has for us so that we can see and truly experience Heaven on earth in 2018. Let this year be a year where you are grounded in God’s Word and your faith leads to rest.

Continue to say the following with sincere conviction. “I’m believing to be at the Right Place, at the Right Time saying the Right Thing and the Right Thing to say is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.