The Founders' Story

Pastors Gaetano and Natalie Sicilia have been married for over 25 years and have served the Lord ever since that time together. They have 4 children, one recently married, who are all actively involved in the Church. As a family they all serve the Lord with all their heart. Bible Faith Church was started in 1994 and over the years has been faithfully following the plan God has for the church within the city of Toronto and through-out all of the world. Pastors Gaetano and Natalie are ordained ministers of the gospel recognized by the Canadian Government.

In 1999 Bible Faith Church purchased the property at 326 Rexdale Blvd., Etobicoke and had their first service there on Sunday, March 21, 1999. The front area of the building with a small sanctuary and office area was the temporary location as BFC continued to believe God for the expansion of the back area. In the fall of 2007, construction began in that area of our building. The very first service in the new expanded facility was Sunday, July 06, 2008 with a dedication service the following week on Saturday, July 12, 2008. All to the Glory of God!

Pastor Gaetano and Natalie established leadership, known as Department Heads and meets with them on a bi-monthly basis. These are men and women that have faithfully served BFC for many years and then were asked to step up and function as leaders in their respective departments. With these hand-chosen people Pastor Gaetano and Natalie have a support system in place of people that believe in the VISION of the church and follow specific guidelines to see it come to pass.

Over the years God had been speaking to the hearts of Pastor Gaetano and Pastor Natalie concerning beginning a Bible School within BFC. In September 2001, Ambassadors for Christ Bible School (ACBS) began with Pastor Natalie as Dean and Pastor Gaetano as Founder. ACBS continues today with many of our own graduates as teachers, teaching the uncompromising Word of God. In 2009, two of our ACBS graduates began a Bible School in their home country of the Philippines using their training from ACBS and using the same literature and materials. To read more about ACBS please click the link under 'Educational Opportunities'.

Pastor Gaetano read Oswald J. Smith's book, Passion for Souls and it was here that his interest peaked regarding missions. In search of copies of this book, Pastor Gaetano found that it was out of print. God spoke to Pastor's heart to print it. After obtaining the rights from Operation Mobilisation, a firm in the United Kingdom, the book was re-typed, edited and 2,300 copies were printed and distributed free across North America and into other countries by the congregation of BFC. Missions play an important role in BFC and now One World Missions Canada, a short-term missionary organization is housed and staffed within Bible Faith Church with Pastor Natalie as Director. To read more about One World Missions Canada please click the link under 'Other Links' and 'Ministries We Support'.

Pastors Gaetano and Natalie believe that Bible Faith Church will continue to be a lighthouse to reach the lost of Toronto and all over the world. To read more about each Pastor please click their own bios.